Welcome to BeesnBlossoms

Who are we // What do we do

Bees n Blossoms was originally founded in 2010 and we are a small, but well established family run beehive manufacturing business recently relocated to in Suffolk.
Specifically we manufacture a wide variety of beehives in our workshop including; National Hives, WarreHives, WBC, Nucleus Hive, Top Bar Hive and Long Hives. We also sell a variety of beekeeping products including a beginner starter pack, clothing, tools and smokers, feeders and food and hive care.
As a business our main objectives are to produce and sell high quality, sustainable products at reasonable prices, inform individuals/groups of people about beekeeping, meet our customers requirements and also  provide exceptional services and delivery to our customers.
We are a friendly, respectful and honest business and we are extremely dedicated and passionate about what we do.